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Did You Know?
Pushing the limit
The most goals a Sim team can kick in a single match is 62. This would consist of 2 Home Ground goals, 5 Coach goals and 55 player
goals. The All-Time Sim highest score is held by Winton Swamp Things who booted 47.28.310 v Hawkesbury Bulls in L2 in round 9 2008.
Living up to their names? - The L1 Commissioners' Curse
Coodabeens have contested 11 Cup Grand Finals, for 2 wins and 9 losses. On four occasions they have lost back-to-back GFs, and on
3 of those occasions they lost to the same team.
And winning cups has proved to be rather alien for Aliens, who have played in 6 Cup Grand Finals for just one win.
All up, the two Commissioners have won 3 cups from 15 GF appearances, for a strike rate of 20%. And they played each other in 2015,
so one of the teams had to win. On the positive side, it means either Coodabeens or Aliens have appeared in 14 of the 27 League 1
Grand Finals that have been contested from 1993 to 2019, for a strike rate of 55%.
The Magic 200
Kicking 200 points in a game is a fair effort, equivalent to 30.20 or 31.14. In 2008 in L1, Tigers finished the home-and-away season with
3,659 Points For, for an average of 203.27 points per round. Other teams have come close, but only one team has achieved the Magic 200.
The Magic 534
A team kicking 40 goals in a game is a rare occurrence. You would expect to get a fair percentage boost. In Round 5 2007 in L3, Redhot
Ravens booted 40 goals and not only lost the game, but didn't even get close to winning, going down by 40 points. In the highest-scoring
match in Sim History, Windy Hill Wonders 46.11.287 d Redhot Ravens 40.7.247 for a match total of 534 points.
The Magic Season
In L3 in 2005, Coongulla Pirates achieved perfection by completing the Home & Away season with an 18-0 win-loss record, becoming the
first and only team to achieve this feat. They finished with a percentage of 174.47 and ruckman Peter Everitt won both the Murp and Hall
medals. Only a Cup win remained. And remain it did, as they exited the finals in straight sets, losing the 2nd Semi then the Preliminary.
How To Make The Top Five
Nine wins certainly won't guarantee it. Nor will ten. Even eleven wins isn't enough to ensure a Cup finals berth. But history shows that
winning 12 games in the Home & Away rounds will definitely get a team into the top five. Simple!
The unluckiest team in history was Brewers in L2. In 2007 they finished the season with an 11-7 win-loss record and a percentage of 120.15
and could manage only 6th position, 1.81% behind 5th. Their winning score in the Shield GF would have easily won the Cup GF, not only in
L2, but in L1, L3, L5 and L6 as well.
On the other side of the coin, in 2001 in L1, Bushrangers grabbed fifth spot with a 7-11 record and 96.71%. They didn't make it past the EF.