The Sim Saucer is an FA Cup-type competition, where all 30 teams from the 3 leagues are thrown into a sudden-death knockout fixture.  This allows teams from different leagues to play each other.
The 15 winners from the first round (The Pits) plus the highest scoring loser go through to the second round and from there the 16 remaining teams play knockout matches through Round 2 (Dreamtime),
Round 3 (Amen Corner), the Semis and then the Grand Final.
Round 1 of the Saucer corresponds with Round 6 of the regular Sim Home & Away season, and culminates with the Saucer Grand Final in round 18.
The Sim Cup is the most highly prized trophy, and rightly so. But while three teams drink from the Cup each year, only one team gets to sip from the Saucer...
Honour Roll 2017 Saucer
2008 Ben Kriksto Black Friday Rule (L5)  22.10.142 d Bacchus Bulls (L6) 20.7.127 2008 Scores
2017 Draw & Scores
2009 George Halas Duff FC (L4)  29.16.190 d Filthy Animals (L2) 22.8.140 2009 Scores
2010 Mark Simari Stingers (L4)  22.16.148 d Stingers (L5) 17.11.113 2010 Scores Round 1 Matchsheets
2011 Jon Hall Aliens (L1)  31.13.199  d  Stingers (L4) 24.9.153 2011 Scores Round 2 Matchsheets
2012 Rick Edwards Far Canals (L4)  19.12.126  d  Northcote Bombers (L6) 17.15.117 2012 Scores Round 3 Matchsheets
2013 George Halas Duff FC (L4)  28.14.182  d  Draught (L1) 24.6.150 2013 Scores Semi Final Matchsheets
2014 George Halas Duff FC (L6)  40.19.259  d  Pigsarse (L1) 24.4.148 2014 Scores Grand Final Matchsheet
2015 Evo South Park (L5) 19.12.126  d  Adelaide Sonics (L6) 19.10.124 2015 Scores
2016 Craig Fauser Square Bears (L2) 27.14.176 d Arden St Rodents (L3) 23.10.148 2016 Scores