2022 Player Transfer List
One Transfer this season Two Transfers this season
One more allowed No more allowed
L1 Coodabeens to Greeneville Aliens to Greeneville
Devils to Greenville Daysdale to Greenville
Draught to Greeneville
Draught to Hamley Sharks
L2 Filthy Animals to Cyber Pigs Brewers to Cyber Pigs
Guelphoids to Cyber Pigs Hawkesbury Bulls to Cyber Pigs
Supreme Beings to Cyber Pigs
Hawkesbury Bulls to Brewers
2022 Draft Pick Transfer List
From 2021
L2  Brewers  Third Pick to Cyber Pigs
L2  Cyber Pigs  First Pick to Brewers
From 2022
L2  Brewers  Pick 8 to Hawkesbury Bulls